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Safe Schools Hotlines
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A toll-free hotline has been implemented in the State of Alabama as a way for students and adults to alert officials anonymously about information and tips regarding potential emergencies.  Concerned parents and students with information regarding potential incidents of school-related violence may contact the Alabama Safe Schools Hotline by calling 1-888-SAV-KIDS (1-888-728-5437).

 The Mobile County Public School District currently has in place an anonymous reporting procedure.  The SafelineSM Program, which is sponsored by AT&T, provides an anonymous tip line for students, parents, teachers and the general public to report suspicious or potentially dangerous activity on a school campus or at a school sponsored activity.  A caller can dial the SafelineSM contact number from any telephone and, without revealing his or her identity, can leave a detailed message concerning the incident being reported.  The SafelineSM Program affords Mobile County Public School District the opportunity to be proactive rather and reactive.  The SafelineSM contact number is 377-7233 or 377-SAFE.

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