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Uniform Policy 2016-2017
Posted On:
Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Please review the revised policy and govern yourselves accordingly.

Uniform Policy 2016-2017


SHIRTS/BLOUSES   Plain shirt/blouses must be white, burgundy/maroon, or gray with collars and sleeves; no writing, emblems or insignias.  All shirts/blouses must be tucked inside the shorts/pants.  School T-shirts (in good condition are acceptable.  Only white undershirts may be worn under shirts and blouses and should not be visible.  

PANTS/SHORTS/SKIRTS/SKORTS   Uniform pants should be gray or burgundy in color. No jeans or corduroy material. Pants must be worn at the waistline and not sagging.  Shorts/skirts/skorts must be acceptable length (no shorter than two inches above the knee).

BELTS   Belts are required daily and must be solid black or brown.  Large buckles are not acceptable.

JUMPERS   Jumpers may be solid gray, burgundy or gray and maroon/burgundy plaid. All jumpers must not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

SHOES   Students must wear ALL BLACK tennis shoes.  This includes any writing on the shoes, laces and the soles of the shoes.  Shoes with colors or distinguishable markings ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE UNIFORM POLICY.

SOCKS Socks must be solid burgundy, white, grey or black.  All socks must match. Leggings should be of the same acceptable colors with no holes. 

OUTERWEAR Outerwear worn in the building must be maroon/burgundy, gray, black or white in color with no writing, insignias or designs. They must be a solid color.  School sweatshirts are available for purchase to wear during colder months.

JEWELRY  Small, non-dangling earrings only.  Necklaces must be worn inside the shirt only.  No chokers.  No oversized rings. No bracelets.

HATS  Hats  may not be worn in the building.

Uniform Violation Consequences

1st Offense  Written notification to parent

2nd Offense Call to parent

3rd Offense  Loss of conduct points

4th Offense  Afterschool detention

5th Offense  In-school suspension

Unacceptable Attire

No denim (jeans), polyester/spandex clothing, athletic shorts/pants, or wind suits; skirts with slits

No hats, “do-rags,” bandanas, hair rollers, scarves, combs, picks or brushes


*The administration reserves the right to prohibit a particular item of clothing or accessory if it is not specifically covered by this policy, but is deemed to cause a distraction in the classroom or presents sufficient concerns regarding the appropriateness for school. 

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