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School Hours
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School Hours
Take In Time:
8:00 AM
Dismissal Time:
3:00 PM
Main Telephone Line:

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  Michelle  Manzy
After School Care
Florence Howard Before and After School Care PROGRAM FEES Morning Session $25/(one child) $35/(2 children)* $45/(3 children)* Afternoon Session $35(one child) $55/(2 children)* $65/(3 children)* Both Session $40/(one child) $65/(2 children)* $80/(3 children)* Drop-in Morning $7/day (each child) Drop-in Afternoon $10/day (each child) Late Weekly Payment $7/day (each child)** Late Pick-up $1/minute (each child)** *Session fee discount given to siblings only. **This policy be strictly enforced. We accept Grandma Program
Additional Notes
ARRIVAL IN THE MORNING: School will open at 7:45 am for breakfast. Students will be served breakfast in their classrooms from 7:45 until 8:05. Please have your students here on time so that they may eat a healthy breakfast to start the day. Please do not drop students off at school before 7:45. THERE IS NO SUPERVISION AT THIS TIME. Teachers and Office staff are not required to be on duty until 7:45. FLORENCE HOWARD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURIES OR OTHER ISSUES THAT MAY ARISE FROM UNSUPERVISED STUDENTS BEFORE 7:45. We understand that parents have work schedules that may conflict with this start time. For these parents, we offer before school care. DISMISSAL AFTER SCHOOL: We will begin our dismissal process at 3:00. In order to dismiss in a safe and orderly manner, parents may not enter the building during dismissal time. The latest time for Early Dismissals is 2:30. BUS RIDERS-Bus riders will be dismissed first and will board buses on the side of the building under the bus ramp. CAR RIDERS-Car riders will be dismissed from under the bus ramp after buses have safely departed. Parents should remain in their cars and wait until students are directed to load. SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY!!!! Please exercise patience as we try to ensure that each child is safely in their vehicle before we move traffic. Traffic flows one-way. Parents are asked not to turn around in the parking lot to exit the wrong way. This is illegal and presents a safety hazard. VANS-Van riders will dismiss through the back middle doors. All vans should report to the back of the school during dismissal. WALKERS-All walkers will exit through the front door. In order to keep down confusion, please make sure that your child/children and their teacher know of any changes in the way he/she is to be picked up.
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